Objectives of the FBCSA

The objectives of the Federation of Boxer Clubs of Southern Africa Breed Council (FBCSABC) are to ensure compliance to the Animal Improvement Act 62 of 1998, thereby ensuring the status of being the Breeders’ Society for Boxers. In doing so the Breed Council also has the responsibility to uphold, support and assist KUSA to fulfil its duties and obligations under the Act as the FBCSA’s duly appointed Registering Authority for Boxers.
The Breed Council are responsible for assisting, supervising and promoting the breeding, training and care of Boxers and to advise on the wellbeing and interests of the breed and to encourage participation in sporting activities for Boxers.

To encourage the importation of Boxers to improve the quality of the breed in Southern Africa.

To observe and adhere to the Breed Standard for the Boxer.

To represent all Member Clubs as a single unified body where such single channel of communication is necessary and convenient.

To provide a channel of communication to the Federal Council for Member Clubs and between the respective Member Clubs and KUSA. Without limiting the generality thereof, this objective shall be attained by the FBCSA BC assisting and representing Member Clubs in their collective dealings and communications with KUSA when a single channel of communication is deemed necessary or convenient.

To assist and represent the Federal Council in its dealings and communications with Member Clubs and to perform such other functions as may be delegated to it from time to time by the Federal Council.

To act as an intermediary between Member Clubs and any private body, entity or person and, in connection therewith, to fulfil the function of the authorised representative of, and official spokesperson for, Member Clubs.

To provide the means of closer co-operation and liaison between all Member Clubs and to promote a better understanding and knowledge of Boxers and dog affairs among the members of Member Clubs and people interested in Boxers.

To promote the training of judges and show officials for Breed and Working Disciplines recognised by KUSA.

To encourage Boxer owners to attend and participate in Dog Shows, Working Disciplines, dogsports and trials, breed clinics and training classes, thereby to consolidate, strengthen and preserve the conformation requirements and inherent working qualities of the Boxer.

To promote Aptitude Testing of Boxers and to make recommendations on any matters concerning Breed Assessments/Surveys.

To promote the identification of dogs and the issue of KUSA certificates of registration and transfer and to encourage breeders to convince owners to effect transfer of registered ownership on the acquisition of a dog.

To identify criteria for KUSA’s Advanced Registration Certificate (ARC) for Boxers and to promote the acceptance of same.

To strive towards obtaining proof of Boxers whose hips and hearts have been examined and rated by the Department of Radiology, Faculty of Veterinary Science, University of Pretoria or another facility acceptable to the Federal Council and to compile, publish and distribute a list of such Boxers at regular intervals.

To conclude the health requirements for registration of Boxers from time to time and to inform KUSA of such requirements.

To promote scientific research into all matters pertaining to the Boxer, inter alia, in such spheres as breeding, genetics and disease control.

To publish promotional material, information on scientific research and advice relative to diseases, breeding, rearing and keeping of Boxers and information on procedures and policies pertaining to these matters on the FBCSA BC website, or elsewhere.

To promote, stabilise and intensify the best qualities and characteristics of the Boxer in order to create an appropriate public image for the breed with a younger generation of breeders, trainers and exhibitors, thereby to secure the future of the Boxer.

To promote and advertise the Boxer’s versatility.

To observe, promote, support and uphold, in all its activities, the principles of KUSA and to suppress and abolish all forms of dishonesty in canine affairs.

To endorse the applicability, observance, force and effect of the Constitution of KUSA and any Schedule thereto.

To consider any proposed alterations and amendments to this Constitution and its By-laws.

To provide KUSA with financial statements, audited by an Independent Financial Practitioner, before 31 December of each year.