About Boxers

The Boxer .. A great family dog!

The Boxer is a delightful animal that takes longer than most to grow up. The ultimate “people dog” loves to be with its human family and enjoys nothing more than entertaining them. It is a natural extrovert, inquisitive and active.

Boxers love children and are faithful protectors of the family. However, it is an exuberant and powerful dog and may be overwhelming to small children. A puppy reared with children will be loyal, faithful, patient friend for life.

High energy levels suggest that the Boxer deserves a reasonable sized home and garden and owners that are prepared to give the necessary time for mental stimulation, exercise and training. Sensible owners that understand the Boxer’s enthusiasm for life will be wonderfully rewarded for the time they put into their dog.

“I believe I can fly….”

They are clean dogs with short, tight coats so grooming is no big deal (except for the dog of course, who just loves attention), This makes them a pleasure to have in the house. Being very keen to please his beloved family, the Boxer is highly trainable. Boxers have served in police units and armed forces throughout the world, as search and rescue dogs and have been successful as guide dogs for the blind.

It is fair to warn prospective owners that Boxers get bored and don’t enjoy being left alone for hours on end. Don’t blame a Boxer puppy for “playing” with your washing while you’re out – clothes dancing on a line are obviously inviting some Boxer fun! No self -respecting Boxer could be expected to ignore something that pops up out of the lawn and starts spraying water around – just another wonderful game! They will find something to entertain themselves with and it is wise so provide them with approved entertainment instead.

The Boxer is a medium-sized, sturdy and muscular dog. A male Boxer should be between 57cm and 63 cm high at the shoulder and a female between 53cm and 59cm. Acceptable colours are:
– Various shades of fawn from dark deer red to light fawn
– Brindle – black stripes on the previously described shades of fawn Photo reproduced with permission - Nanning White markings may enhance these colours but must not exceed one-third of the ground colour. The coat should be short, glossy, smooth and tight. The Boxer should be fearless, self-confident, calm and equable. His devotion and loyalty towards his master and the entire household, his watchfulness and self-assured courage as a defender are famous. Undemanding and clean, he is appreciated as a family dog as well as a guard, companion and working dog. His character is trustworthy, with no guile or cunning, even in old age.

Help and advice from experienced Boxer lovers on feeding, rearing, house training, breeding and dealing with problems. Training classes. Newsletters and magazines, such as the WPBC “Scraps” and BCGR “Boxer Chat”, filled with interesting snippets for Boxer owners. Social events, such as club walks, champagne brunches, Christmas parties, seminars, video-shows and fun-filled fund raising events. Boxer Rescue, to help stray, distressed and abandoned Boxers. Boxer memorabilia, such as T-shirts, sweat-shirts, towels, caps and stickers to help identify you as a Boxer devotee. Competitions and shows for obedience, working trials and breed enthusiasts, including championships shows, and breed surveys where your Boxer can earn internationally recognised titles.