Boxer Breeders

List of Boxer Breeders

All the breeders listed here are members of the Kennel Union of Southern Africa (KUSA) or one of its affiliated clubs and are bound by that body’s code of ethics.

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ACROAdriaan NiemannNorthern Boxer Club IncWitbank, MP(082) 877
ALBIEWillem & Aletta PayneNorthern Boxer Club IncBethlehem, OFS(082) 795
AMANJAMarinda OosthuizenNorthern Boxer Club IncPretoria, GP(084) 586
ANCURALindie SteenkampNorthern Boxer Club IncWorcester, WC(082) 224
ANSURIPaul and Anene SteynWestern Province Boxer ClubHeidelberg, WC(082) 220 7334
BALLY-JARDINCecille de WinnaarNorthern Boxer Club IncManaba Beach, KZN(079) 279
BALLY-JARDINCecille de WinnaarNorthern Boxer Club IncManaba Beach, KZN(079) 838
BAMBULEWendy RennieBoxer Club Gold ReefPretoria, GP(082) 550
BASSANOVA Shaun GrahamBoxer Club Gold ReefJohannesburg,
BLACKBERGRina BlackWestern Province Boxer ClubNapier, WC(028) 423
CALIGOMagda KoekemoerNorthern Boxer Club IncBenoni, GP(083) 412
CHÉ JANEMay OosthuizenBoxer Club Gold ReefDiscovery, GP(011) 763
CHISWICKSally YoungBoxer Club Gold ReefJohannesburg, GP(082) 490
CROCUTAGerrit de GraafNorthern Boxer Club IncPretoria, GP(082) 960
DAWKENDALEKen & Dawn HullWestern Province Boxer ClubCape Town, WC(082) 570 7802 (Ken)
DEL PRADOFrancois DuvenageNorthern Boxer Club IncKriel, MP(082) 637
DEON DEETLEFSDeon DeetlefsWestern Province Boxer ClubMontagu, WC(082) 729
HANUBIMathew rossNorthern Boxer Club IncWendywood, GP(082) 293
HANUBITahla RossNorthern Boxer Club IncWendywood, GP(083) 700
HARTWELLRuth TruebodyWestern Province Boxer ClubCape Town, WC(060)
JABBARIMariette OosthuizenBoxer Club Gold ReefDe Wildt, GP(082) 602
JAKKALSDANSMarlien HeystekWestern Province Boxer ClubMoorreesburg, WC(022) 433
KANANASKISLois LosaccoNorthern Boxer Club IncMalawi, MW(265) 187
KLANINEHerklaas ThiebautNorthern Boxer Club IncOrkney, OFS(084) 283
LA RUSTICARene ClulowBoxer Club Gold ReefJohannesburg, GP(082) 568
MAROELANIErna FaberBoxer Club Gold ReefOnderstepoort, GP(082) 749
MARPETZAMaretha VisserWestern Province Boxer ClubMontagu, WC(082) 049
MAZARATAnne Manduell-CarkeekNatal Boxer ClubDurban, KZN(082) 978 5946
MINNALOUSHELicia-Ane HagenNorthern Boxer Club IncRoodepoort, GP(084) 970
MONTALAWayne StreakBoxer Club Gold ReefPretoria North, GP(081) 451
MONTANEROAndre contact only WhatsAppWestern Province Boxer ClubHeidelberg, WC(083) 324
MONTANEROAndre and Annelie FourieWestern Province Boxer ClubHeidelberg, WC(083) 442 2224 (WhatsApp)
ONICAKobus ThiebautNorthern Boxer Club IncVanderbijl Park, GP(072) 640
ONICAKobus ThiebautNorthern Boxer Club IncVanderbijl Park, GP(074) 801
ORTHOMartin and Wiandi StormWestern Province Boxer ClubJacobsbaai, WC(022) 713
RENNIE BOXERSAntonett RennieBoxer Club Gold ReefCenturion, GP(084) 521
REVELASDr Alex RevelasBoxer Club Gold ReefTzaneen, LP(083) 399
RONIAdri ErasmusNorthern Boxer Club IncPretoria, GP(082) 262
STANWIXJaqui Verrinder EislerWestern Province Boxer ClubGrabouw, WC(082) 789
TAMBAYUte FuglisterNorthern Boxer Club IncBela Bela, LP(082) 441
TANYATIMonique HodgkinsonWestern Province Boxer ClubGordons Bay, WC(082) 570
TJASTERCules HammanBoxer Club Gold ReefPongola, KZN(082) 945
TOKAKarin SchoemanNorthern Boxer Club IncKempton Park, GP(083) 225
TOKAThomas SchoemanNorthern Boxer Club IncKempton Park, GP(083) 423
TROTZENRynhardt ErasmusNorthern Boxer Club IncHaakdornboom, MP(083) 929
VON ROHEIMRoxanne Chatburn AmericaWestern Province Boxer ClubKuilsrivier, WC(084) 305
WINCASLEYRyno de KockWestern Province Boxer ClubParow, WC(012) 939
ILRUCA KENNEL Wolfgang RaschkeBoxer Club Gold Reef Vanderbijlpark, Gauteng083 2300 632

All puppies registered with KUSA are microchipped for identification purposes. In order to be advertised here they must also have been thoroughly examined,  inoculated and de-wormed by a veterinary surgeon. Prospective puppy buyers are advised to check that this has been done.

Please contact the breeder directly when inquiring about an advertised litter or puppy. 

It is FBCSA BC policy that puppies remain with their Dam until a minimum of 8 weeks of age. 

Disclaimer: Boxer puppies are advertised in good faith and in the belief that, as members of the Kennel Union of Southern Africa (KUSA), the breeders uphold the code of ethics of that body.  Neither the KUSA nor the FBCSA BC can be held responsible for poor health condition of puppies or poor hygiene conditions of the kennel.

FBCSA BC Litter Advert Application